1. Give It Up

From the recording Hidden Worlds

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Give It Up

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Music & Lyrics by Brendan Rice
Brendan Rice: Acoustic Guitars, Violin, Piano, Percussion, Vocals, Harmony Vocals
Katherine Whalen: Harmony Vocals
Tyler Harrington: Bass
Marcus Johnson: Drums, Percussion
Produced by Brendan Rice
Mixed & Mastered by Will Holland at Chillhouse Studios, Boston, MA
Engineered by Nick Petersen at Track & Field Studios, Durham, NC
Engineered by Brendan Rice at The Workshop, Carrboro, NC


Don’t look down
Just keep your eyes on me
We’re finally gonna leave
This town

Better thicken up that skin you’re in
Or the thin ice is gonna do you in
Learn to ignore
All of the static
Outside your door

Slowly the wheels start to turn
But nobody seems to be listening
Everybody wants the last word

Expectations are the death of freedom
Throw them all away they’re just an illusion
Even though we know we don’t need them
We spend so much time in our minds trying to meet them

Who cares anymore if they know your name?
Sunlight still feels the same on your face
So find mercy in your days
You’ve got nothing to prove
But there’s still no time to lose

You can have the life you want
If you live it
You can have the love you need
If you give it

So give it
Give it
Give it up