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The Jones March On

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Music & Lyrics by Brendan Rice
Brendan Rice: Acoustic Guitars, Violin, Piano, Percussion, Vocals, Harmony Vocals
Katherine Whalen: Harmony Vocals
Tyler Harrington: Bass
Marcus Johnson: Drums, Percussion

Produced by Brendan Rice
Mixed & Mastered by Will Holland at Chillhouse Studios, Boston, MA
Engineered by Nick Petersen at Track & Field Studios, Durham, NC
Engineered by Brendan Rice at The Workshop, Carrboro, NC


Did you really have to do it?
Tear a hole into the sky
Till darkness fell on everyone
And wrapped them in eternal night.

But that was your plan all along,
To sound the siren’s song.
Until all your dogs started barking
To the sound of the wind
Back home.

The wind back home.

(Instrumental break)

Resist the man who knows the price of everything.
But never the value,
Who uses Jesus like a bar of soap.

Ooh the jones march on.

Has ever made you feel so small
As this
Moment of absolute free fall,
And it’s squeezing
The life out of you
While they sit and watch
Like it’s nothing new.

And the Jones
March on.