1. Area #51

From the recording Hidden Worlds

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Area #51

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Music & Lyrics by Brendan Rice
Brendan Rice: Electric & Acoustic Guitars, Handclaps, Percussion, Vocals, Harmony Vocals
Tyler Harrington: Bass
Marcus Johnson: Drum

Produced by Brendan Rice
Mixed & Mastered by Will Holland at Chillhouse Studios, Boston, MA
Engineered by Nick Petersen at Track & Field Studios, Durham, NC
Engineered by Brendan Rice at The Workshop, Carrboro, NC


You could never anticipate what was about to take place
In a breath everything is strange

This can’t be real

How am I supposed to make sense of this cliff?
When everything has changed and the pieces no longer fit

It’s a tight rope to the other side
My knees are weak and there’s no place to hide

Such a shock to the system
And your heart won’t listen

It was never going to be what you had in mind but
There were pieces left behind of a love that grew
Inside of you

There’s never a right time
There’s only now

You’re whole world is blowing up
While you wonder
Did you give enough?

You’re gone and never coming back
And I don’t know what to do with that fact
It can’t be true
Now what do I do?